Maintenance Tip of the Month

Each Fall, when the weather turns colder, disconnect your garden hoses, turn off the indoor shut-off valve located near the faucet and open the outdoor faucet. Any water left in pipes exposed to below zero temperatures will freeze, causing pipes to burst. If there is not a shut-off valve, consider calling Robert S. Bortner, Inc. to install one.


Also, consider replacing your old thermostat with a digital programmable thermostat. By doing so, you can program it to heat or cool your home during the hours you need it most. This will reduce the heating and cooling when you are away from your home, thus saving on your energy costs.


Replacing an old water guzzling toilet, faucet or shower head with a new water saving unit can reduce your water consumption bills.


Replacing a water heater with a new energy efficient tankless-type will
save you money, too.


When to schedule Service and Maintenance 


If your system heats and cools your home: 

Perform maintenance in the Spring and Fall.


Cooling only: 
Perform maintenance at least once a year before the cooling season.


Heating only:
Perform maintenance at least once a year before the heating season.


Preventive Maintenance ensures the following:

Protects against breakdowns by correcting minor problems before they grow into emergencies.

Prolongs equipment life by preventing excessive wear.
Minimizes operating expenses by keeping your system operating at peak efficiency.
Provides proper, factory-recommended care.


The best time to service your heating/air conditioning system is before it's actually needed.


Regular maintenance and cleaning are extremely important.